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3 Ways for Kids to Learn with Grandparents from a Distance

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If you're like millions of people all around the around to whom WhatsApp and FaceTime calls have become monotonous, you're, no doubt, looking for new ways to make the most of your virtual moment with your grandparents or any other special adult in your life, then, this blog post is definitely for you. 

1. Virtual Homeschooling 

    It does take a village to raise a child. You can designate some aspect of your children's homeschooling program to their  grandparents to facilitate via video call. From having them guide them on daily assignments to watching them while they try their math problems, the list is long. The added bonus is that your child’s grandparents will feel more involved in your child’s education. And, they will have more time to spend with them online giving you more free time. The pandemic has shifted learning and we can all pivot and create new ways to educate and nurture our children. 

    2. Theater Night

      Here, you help your children to set up and carry out one of their all-time favorite dramas as a special surprise to their grandparents. We suggest finding a book your child is well versed in or something new. On the night of the show, grandparents will also dress up in tune with the theme of the play and tune in via Zoom or any other chosen video app. 

      One of our 7-year-old product testers facetimed her grandparents while putting one of the Summer The Island Girl puzzles together.

      “My daughter loves her puzzle. She actually Facetimed her grandparents to have them all do the puzzle together. It was so cute,” - Kareen.

      Who says distance has to stop the fun?

      3. Story Time

        Virtual storytelling is becoming the new normal for online schools, tutors and children’s book writers. What's stopping your children's grandparents from doing the same for them? It's quite easy to set up. Map out a cushy corner in your home; duvet, throw pillows, and the whole works. This section of the house should be cut out from all the noise and any distractions. Schedule a good time and see how fun it will be for your kids. Grandma and grandpa can go on to read your kids' favorite books to them, as well as share some of their own favorites, all done via Zoom or FaceTime. 

        There are so many ways we can still connect with our family from afar. Try some of these and see what happens! Let us know in the comments! 

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