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Five Best Ways to Do a Jigsaw Puzzle with Your Kids

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 Are you helping your little one with their new jigsaw puzzle? Here are six         great tips to help your little one have a great learning experience putting a       puzzle together. 
  1. Pick the correct puzzle for their age group. If you are putting a puzzle together for a toddler make sure it’s toddler appropriate.

  2. Take a look at the puzzle box and truly examine the puzzle. Point out some of the major parts of the puzzle. Is there an image of a person? A star? A cow? A body of water? Make sure your little one notices all of the major landmarks and characters.

  3. Separate the outer puzzle pieces from the inner puzzle pieces.

  4. Separate the puzzle pieces by color. This will be a great opportunity for your child to learn his or her colors.

    “Whenever I do a puzzle with my 7 year old grandson, we always separate the puzzle by colors. He makes a little pile for each color group. This reinforces his knowledge of puzzles as well.” - Kelly Pearson

  5. Analyze the different shapes of the puzzles.“My son is on the autism spectrum and he puts puzzles together by the shapes. He analyzes them and before you know it the puzzle is done.” Aaron Cotton.

    Moreover, have a great time bonding and learning with your little one. 

    - Puzzle and Bloom 
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