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Mother, Writer, Optometrist, Dr. Sakesha shares the inspiration behind her new children’s book

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Here we chat with Dr. Sakesha about the joys of motherhood and the inspiration behind her new children’s book Mommy Loves My Little Toes

How are you doing? How would you describe your life as a mom in just six words? Wonderful, Scary, Blessing, Loving, Difficult, Grounding 

What was the best advice on motherhood you ever received? You have to do the best you can.

How old are your kids? I have one son. He is 14 years old.

What are some things you and your family are doing to manage during Covid? We have been trying to make sure we throw some fun things in regularly while still staying safe. Some examples are movie night, cooking together, short road trips, etc.

How are you keeping your kids busy? In addition to school work, laughing and enjoying ourselves as much as possible. My son has also been very involved with my book, so he is helping to package and ship orders.

What is your daily routine like?  It varies from day to day, but usually begins with waking my son up and getting him to school then getting myself to work or run errands. After we have both arrived at home, I cook dinner for or with my son, try to fit in a bit of exercise, basketball practice (my son), and relax. 

What are your three “must-haves” as a mother? Patience, time, understanding 

What advice do you have for working moms? Try to put your children first as much as possible.

I see you are an author of a book. Please tell us more about that. When did you start writing? What advice would you give someone who wants to write a book? What was your inspiration? I have only written one book, entitled Mommy Loves My Little Toes. I’m afraid I wouldn’t have much advice to give someone who wants to write a book as it is my first one and I mostly learned as I went along. However, I would definitely say, follow your dream and don’t let anyone or anything stop you. My son, and wanting him to see more faces like his in books, was the inspiration for my book.

How can we find you online? Do you have a website or any social media links? Please share.
Facebook: @Mommy Loves My Little Toes
Twitter: @mommy_toes
Instagram: @mommy_loves_my_little_toes

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