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Mompreneur NaTroya on motherhood, self care and entrepreneurship

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You can not be a mom to your fullest potential if you yourself aren’t taken care of.” -NaTroya

Here, we catch up with wife, fashionista and mompreneur NaTroya on how she manages two businesses, homeschools her children and is managing life and motherhood during the covid 19 Pandemic. NaTroya attests the best advice given about motherhood is self care.

How are you doing? How would you describe your life as a mom in just six words?
I am great! Just trying to keep busy during this crazy time: rewarding, adventurous, fun, loving, learning, and blessed.

What was the best advice on motherhood you ever received?   
The best advice I’ve ever received was to make sure you take time for yourself. You can not be a mom to your fullest potential if you yourself aren’t taken care of. That is something that has really stuck with me and has changed how I parent.

How old are your kids?
My daughter is 4, my son is 3, and my youngest son is 1.

What are some things you and your family are doing to manage during Covid?Right now, we are just trying to keep everyone entertained. My kids are pretty close in age so that makes planning in home activities pretty easy. We draw, watch movies, have lots of play time, and honestly we’re just winging it.

How are you keeping your kids busy?
We have something I call “busy work.” Since we have decided that we are going to homeschool, my husband and I try to find learning activities to entertain the kids. I use Pinterest for a lot of my inspiration. My kids love to sing and dance so we try to center the busy work around things that involve music. Sometimes busy work just turns into play time which I am totally fine with.

What is your daily routine like?
Wake up time is usually between 7am and 7:30am. Everyone eats breakfast and watches a few shows. Usually following that is activity time which consists of busy work or tablet time.

Nap time happens around 12:30pm. During nap time I either take a nap with the kids or I work on my business such as making content or filling orders. The kids are usually up by 2:00pm and then we do an activity.

Dinner is usually at 5:00pm and then bath time. The kids are in bed by 7:30pm most nights. After that, my husband and I spend time together. Now I am going to say that this is the ideal day for me, but sometimes things definitely don’t go as planned which I am fine with. I’m not a stick to the schedule person, sometimes I just go with the flow of things.

What are your three “must-haves” as a mother?
First is GOD because without him most days I have no idea how I would manage. Secondly, I must have my self care time. I have to make sure that I keep myself at my best for myself and my family. The third thing is Pinterest. It keeps me sane because there are so many ideas on there. Everything like recipes, activities, decorating ideas, like seriously Pinterest has it all! If you haven’t done it yet I suggest you get off into it!

What advice do you have for working moms?
Spend as much time as you can with your family, but also take care of yourself. If you work long hours make sure your mental health is okay. Don’t put so much into your job that you forget about the important things in life.

I see you own two businesses. Please tell us more about them. When did you start them? What made you become an entrepreneur? What would you tell someone who wants to launch their own business?
Yes! I am the owner of Troya Denise clothing boutique and Candy Tresses. Candy Tresses is a hair extensions store. I needed a fun way to brand hair and that name was the perfect way to go. 

Troya Denise where do I start? I have always been a fashionista! Seriously anything fashion related I’m there. I just love being able to express myself through fashion. I started both businesses around March 2018. I have rebranded since then. I knew since I was about 9 years old that I did not want to be on anyone else’s clock. If you are wanting to launch a business go for it! It is so worth it, especially for the freedom. If you have questions you can always ask me, I’m nice I promise!

How can we find you online? Do you have a website or any social media links? Please share.
My personal instagram is ohsoyoutroya my business pages are troyadenise and candytresses_ 

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