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Minta and Aria Toddler T-Shirts (Purple Lettering)

Posted by Tiffany Hill on

We are now offering T-Shirts with your favorite characters on them!


Our Minta and Aria T-shirts are perfect for your toddler! The shirt is a Classic Toddler T-shirt made with 100% Cotton! T-Shirts come in 2T, 3T and 4T. And, in White, Red, Pink and Gray Colors. 

About the shirt! 

Minta and Aria are our two fun characters who also grace our puzzles and stickers! They are sisters and they are royalty! We decided to create the characters holding hands because we want sisters, cousins, best friends, classmates, simply everyone to live in harmony and be kind to each other! Stay tuned for more adventures! 

Find The Twins Minta and Aria's Puzzle Here!

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