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Kadetra Cooper, mother and pioneer for women

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We had a chat with Kadetra Cooper mother and founder of Women of 4D, a educational scholarship program for working single moms. Here she talks about the joy of following your passion, being grateful and having a sound relationship with God. 

How are you doing? How would you describe your life as a mom in just six words?
I am doing well.  A walk of faith and reflection.

What was the best advice on motherhood you ever received? When they are young they are at your knees and when they are grown they are on your heart.

How old are your kids? My daughter is 22 and my son is 15.

What are some things you and your family are doing to manage during Covid? My family is trying to maintain a sense of normalcy while practicing safety measures.  My son has been primarily impacted by not being able to play competitive basketball since March. That has been challenging for him. Prior to Covid, he played weekly and he wants to return to in person instruction at school.

How are you keeping your kids busy? My daughter works. I am excited she has appreciated a new space in her life and is following her passion as she is nearing graduation in a remote learning college environment. My son has a job 5 days per week for about 2-3 hours a day.

What is your daily routine like?
I spend the first part of my day centering my spirit.  I listen to my pastor, read, journal or do inspirational writing.  I then turn on my computer to check my emails for work and work until 10am.  I take a 1 hour break from 10am to 11am and then repeat from 2pm to 3pm. I do whatever I feel like doing in that timeframe as long as it is unrelated to my job.

What are your three “must-haves” as a mother? Patience, Prayer, and Resilience

What advice do you have for working moms? 
Accept help when it is offered, don't feel like you HAVE to do it all.  You are the only one that cares to see that self inflicted "S" (Superwoman) you put on your chest.

I see you created a nonprofit. Please tell us more about that. When did you start your nonprofit? What was the process like? Women of 4D was initially created, in October 2019, as an educational scholarship program for working single mothers.  It began as an idea in my head to simply assist a mother going to school.  I became pregnant with my daughter during my junior year of college.  I took a semester off after she was born and then returned to finish up.  Years later, I decided to begin a graduate program and toward the very end of the program I found out I was pregnant with my son.  Even though I was unmarried both times I had the support of my parents.

I understand that is not the case for every woman and wanted to bless someone to alleviate some pressure as "she" moves the family forward.  Women of 4D is not yet a nonprofit, but is a registered nonstock corporation in VA, and we are working through the 501c3 process. I have a team of 3 women who are assisting me with expanding Women of 4D to benefit women more. We are growing and developing content and programs for personal and professional growth with an emphasis on health and wellness, spirituality, financial clarity, and educational resources.  

The process has not been challenging thus far because a leader on the team held her own nonprofit for over 10 years and assisted me in the process.

What would you tell someone who wants to do the same thing? When you have a vision it is imperative to write it down because it will continue to grow.
(Habakkuk 2:22).  In addition, seek out people who have already done it - why reinvent the wheel if you don't have to?  Words of Wisdom: When someone sows into your vision acknowledge them whether it be through seed, card, or a simple thank you.

How can we find you online?  


Facebook: Women of 4D

Twitter: @Womenof4D

Instagram: women_of_4d

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