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Inspirational writer, vlogger, professor, Heather Wiggins speaks on asking for what you want and why diversity matters

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“For a longtime, when I was a child, I actually mistakenly thought that there were just some things that black kids couldn’t do because I never saw or heard about it in the stories...I think when a child sees themselves in the books, movies, toys, etc., they get a sense of what is possible. I think diversity and inclusion is very important, but I think equity and belonging also play a role.” - Heather Wiggins

Here we catch up with Heather Wiggins, vlogger, blogger, professor and overall inspirational writer about why diversity and inclusion matter, the importance of asking for what you want, and the beauty of gratitude. 

How are you doing? How would you describe your life right now in just six words? I am doing well! Things have been on the busier end, but I have no complaints! If I had to describe my life right now in six words they would be: consistency, gratitude, love, sacred, joy and healing!

What was the best advice you have ever received? Oooo, I love this question! The best advice that I ever received was to ask for what I want. Either you will get it. Or, you will be right where you are supposed to be. Getting a “no” can be a good thing as well! Too many people don’t ask for what they want. I carry this with me, and it has really enhanced my life in some wonderful ways. Now sometimes you don’t get what you want and that is ok too!

What are some things you and your family are doing to manage during Covid? Gosh this year has been so intense in so many ways. There are a few things that have helped me and my family to cope during this time. 

The first is getting fresh air and physical exercise. For me that has been taking about an hour walk as many times during the week as I can! The second is holding space for things that bring me joy and that make me laugh. There have been a lot of tears this year, and so I hold my joy and happiness in a sacred place. Finally, gratitude and appreciation for all the things and people that mean so much to me. I tell people that I love them more, and I was like that before, but it has intensified this year for sure!!

Let’s change the subject to something lighter and fun. What was your favorite toy as a child and why? My favorite toy—the first thing that came to mind wasn’t a toy, it was my imagination. LOL. When I was a kid, I had such a vivid imagination. I could entertain myself for hours. As far as a physical toy, I named my first black doll Michelle. I was amazed because she actually looked like me.

If you were a kid now, what would your favorite toy be? Probably something electronic. The kids these days don’t seem to be that into going outside or using their imaginations—just absorbing information. I am not knocking that because I think each generation is different. That’s why I say something electronic, because I too probably would be caught up in the tech hype!

Do you think it is important for kids to see themselves in their toys, books, media, etc? How important is diversity and inclusion in your eyes? YES! One thousand times to infinity yes. I think back to what I was reading as a child, and the toys that I had. I actually wanted to write novels that had more people that looked like me. For a long time, I actually thought that there were just some things that black kids couldn’t do because I never saw or heard about it in the stories. I think it is important for people from all backgrounds and races to tell their stories because representation matters. I think when a child sees themselves in the books, movies, toys, etc., they get a sense of what is possible. I think diversity and inclusion is very important, but I think equity and belonging also play a role.

I work hard in every environment that I am in to create a warm and loving atmosphere because I think that when people feel loved, accepted, and wanted that they live to their fullest potential. Not only do they benefit, but all of humanity benefits from this. We are all the same at our core, but our differences make a mosaic that is beautiful and necessary for life.

I see you are a writer, blogger, vlogger and a professor. Please tell us more about that. When did you start writing? When did you start blogging? What advice would you give someone who wants to blog and write? I am just a super nerd lol! I love to learn and I love to share what I have learned. I think this has caused me to become all of those things. I am still shy about calling myself a writer, but I have the dream of writing fictional novels and motivational/self-help stuff. I had a blog ages ago, and my goals for it were super ambitious. I tried to write these long hours every day… but I couldn’t keep up with my regular life.

When I started my new blog, before I did, I wrote up a plan for myself, and wrote consistency all over. That has helped me to stay focused, and it helps to make things manageable. I love to write, and I love to encourage people, so it is really the best of both worlds for me. It is also an outlet for my creativity. When I am not creating, I am thinking about it, and if I don’t do it, it turns into guilt. To help myself stay in good spirits and in alignment, I have to do the thing. My advice is just to start. You don’t need to be perfect, but do something. Once you start, stay consistent. Stay in the game.

Keep moving forward. I read and have learned that consistency triumphs over talent and inspiration. Even when I feel like I don’t have much to say, I still sit at my computer and try to get the words out. Consistency forces inspiration to come. I hope that makes sense. My advice is be like Nike and just do it! Seriously… You reading this, do it now. Why not you? If not you, then who? If not now, then when?

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