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Green Drop Charities! Donating made easy!

Posted by Puzzle And Bloom on

We are delighted to spread the news about Green drop. @gogreendrop

The organization raised over $3.6 million for participating charities in 2019. GreenDrop's mission is to make charitable giving of donated goods as easy, convenient and friendly as possible while helping to promote programs of charitable organizations.

Majority of the donation pick up sites are located in the North East. They have pick-up sites in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Northern Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware and Upstate New York. There is also an option for them to come to you!

We just donated a few puzzles, clothes and other household items. It was super easy. We found a local site and we were greeted by a friendly attendant who took the items and gave us a receipt. It took all of 5 minutes. If you are located in the North East find one in your area! 
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