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Five Ways to Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday Online

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There are only a few milestones in a child’s life that come close to birthday celebrations. A lot of parents do their best to make the most of this opportunity to mark these joyous occasions with heart-warming parties. The last couple of months have, however, made it impossible for parents to host any such parties. COVID-19 has made people reimagine their lives, transitioning most activities into virtual ones. So, while actual parties, sleepovers and other ways that kids celebrate birthdays might not be possible, children can still have fun celebrating their birthdays online. For parents who might need to do something special for their children this period, here are some ideas: 

Throw a Virtual Party
Who says the fun has to stop because of social distancing? Don’t cancel that party yet, hear me out. 

Family and friends may not actually come over for dance, drinks, cakes, but you can still bring them over in another sense. Throw your children an online party. Send e-invites to friends and family members for an online party. If there are only a few people, let’s say less than 5, you can use Google Hangouts and WhatsApp to make conference video calls. And for larger numbers, use Zoom.  They can sing along to music, cut the cake and play games, all online. 

Have a Netflix Party
Throwing a Netflix party for your children is yet another option. Without leaving the comfort of your home, you can still have the cinema experience. All you have to do is go to your browser and log on to Netflix. Next, download the Netflix Party extension and select any kid-appropriate favourite movie. Then, activate the extension in order to get the URL link which you can share with your child’s friends. They can all watch the movie together and talk about it in the chat window. The Netflix Party is on!

Take a Visual Tour
Right now, Disneyworld is closed, but it can’t stop you from taking your children on a birthday celebratory tour around Virtual Disney World channel on YouTube. It is the next best thing to the actual Disneyworld.  They will experience the shows, park areas, and attraction. 

Let a Specialised Business Host your Online Party 
If your schedule is too tight to plan a party or you just don’t know how to go about it, there are a good number of start-ups that are designed to host online birthday parties for children. These are some great options for a variety of party themes to suit pretty much every kid! Just hire them, sit back and enjoy the party with your kids. It’s that simple. 

Organize a Birthday Party Parade
This recent trend was made popular by social media. It entails family, friends and neighbors driving by or walking by with fancy birthday balloons or mobile decorations, and often with some music. This way, people show up without breaking the social distance and the kids feel loved. 

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