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Five Ways to Adjust Kids to Face Masks

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It is not news that the highly contagious COVID-19 is still out there, without a cure or vaccine. To help slow down the rate of its spread, people all over the world have been advised to avoid standing within six feet of another person as well as wear face masks whenever they go outside their homes. As the world is starting to go back to business as usual, it has increasingly become difficult to keep to the six feet rule. Thankfully, wearing a face mask is still viable. Children are not left out, especially since school has opened back up. To most kids, wearing a face mask is alien and can be scary, consequently becoming a source of concern to the parents. This article is guidance on how parents can make their kids keep their face masks on. 

Explain Why They Need to Wear the Mask
First things first, make your children understand why they need to wear their face masks. Break it down for them. It will just be like explaining the importance of washing their hands frequently. Studies have shown that people, even kids, are more likely to do things when they have a reason that benefits them. It’s self preservation. 

Be Persistent
Now, don’t expect kids to get used to it at once, not at first. Think of it as forming a new habit, it might take time and some getting used to. You should, however, not relent in calling them to order, reminding them to wear their masks, and why. This will take some work to pull off, but if you keep at it, it will pay off.  

Make it Fun
As is often the case, when it has to do with something that one has to do every day, one tends to get bored and soon ignores it. Kids are the same. You might need to incorporate some fun to keep them interested and excited to wear it. If they like being doctors for instance, you can have them pretend to be doctors about to operate on their stuffed animals. Or something like that. You know your children, so you know what they consider fun. 

Encourage Children to Get Creative with Their Mask
Have your children design their face masks anyway they like or want. Encouraging them to add their personal touch to their individual various masks will surely keep things interesting as well as give them some sort of control. It will make them more likely to wear it. 

Let Them See You Wear Your Mask
It goes without saying, children are more likely to emulate what they see people around them do than do what people say. As parents, it should be your responsibility to let them see examples first-hand. When your children see how serious you take your own advice, they too will start taking it seriously too. 

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