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Diverse Toys: 21 Black Toys and Holiday Gift Ideas on Etsy

Posted by Puzzle And Bloom on

We have been looking around Etsy and found some amazing diverse toys that represent and include children of color! This is our list! Tell us your favorites!

1. Yoruba Cards for Kids
Fun kid friendly Yoruba Language Flashcards for the whole family. Learn how to pronounce simple Yoruba words with the help of these fun flash cards.

2. Coco Guitar by Columba
Coco Guitar is a customized miniature guitar, with actual metal strings. Cool right? It's a home replica of the famous Miguel from the cartoon, Coco. It can be customized with names, numbers, and logos. It's a perfect gift choice for children of color. 

3. Little Black Doll by Nilas Dolls
This is a 12-inch handmade rag doll for kids. It's small, plush, and made of cotton. The face is painted using an apparel pencil. Vacuum cleaner or dry rag can be used to clean it instead. The hair is made of yarn. its dress is changeable. It makes for a fine gift for kids. 

IG: @nilasdolls

4. Personalized African American Dolls by Tiny Tots Embroidery
This 16-inch and 8-ounce plush black doll is handmade with embroidered flower gown and a signature smile. It's made out of soft polyester fiber, and stuffed with high-end PO cotton, making it long-lasting. And an added perk, it's designed to be washable by machines. 

5. Puzzle and Bloom's Laila Puzzle
The Laila puzzle is a perfect puzzle for a kid who loves to read, spend time with animals and gaze at the moon. This puzzle will provide a fun and rewarding experience for the entire family; and makes a perfect gift.


6. Alana Handmade Tea Party Doll by Harper Iman
It's a cute and stylish doll handcrafted from linen. The trendy hairstyle and smart dress give a perfect picture of Black Girl Magic. The clothes are specially made for it using new and vintage fabrics. It’s a quick favorite among children. 

Instagram: @harperImandolls

7. African-American Inspired ABC Flash Cards by The Glow Brands
These flashcards consist of 26 letters fitted with 26 motivational quotes using African American imagery. As a medium for representation, it was designed to help boost the self-esteem of Black kids. It's made of high-end linen material. Each card measures 3.5 inches x 5 inches, making it a perfect size for kids. 

8. Dollee Afrikana by Art of Athie
The 10-inch Dollee Afrikana is handmade from yarn. It's designed to stimulate the creative sides of children by offering multiple ways to style the hair. Its dress and tutu skirts are changeable and can therefore be made to wear anything.  

9. Africa Flash Cards by The Adventure Kid Uk
This is a handcrafted pack of 56 entertaining and educating flashcards. It offers Black children a sense of origin as it takes them through all the beautiful countries that make up Africa. It's the perfect cultural gift. 

10. Epic Black Girl Doll by Epic Black Girl
The dress comes in different pattern kente fabrics. She has full black kinky hair and brown eyes. Representation matters and this is what this Epic Bundle is about. It was designed to empower and encourage Black children.

11. Family Portrait Dolls by Timo Handmade
They are made from cotton, felt, embroidery threads, fabric, and cloth.  They measure 8 by 20 cm. Every single item in the family is uniquely designed, symbolizing to kids the different personalities that often make up a family. They also come in diverse skin hues and ages. 

12. Ceramic African American Old-World Santa Figurine by Grape Vine Ceramic Gift
They are handmade from clay and ceramic slip, painted using an acrylic paint, and finished with an acrylic stain. It features a Black Santa carrying a glittering bag of toys. Seeing as Christmas is so close, it would make for a perfect gift for kids. 


13. Africa Educational Fact Cards for Kids ZbyOzi
The collection of flashcards consists of 54 cards packed with numerous educational facts about Africa specifically for kids. It's a great way to learn about the continent of Africa. In one complete sweep through the card deck, kids get information on all 54 countries of Africa. wow!

IG: @ikuzidolls

14. Rag Doll Hope by One Dear World
Rag Doll Hope has a story. She is a Black African girl born on 1 February in Ghana's capital of Accra, from where she moved to London with her parents and made tons of friends. She has natural, dark full curly hair. She will make a perfect companion for kids everywhere. 


IG: @onedearworld

15. African American Girl Paper Doll Printable Digital Download Bianca by Paper Play and Wonder
Her name is Bianca and she has a story as does every paper doll in this collection. It offers so much fun. It's a wonder watching your children come alive with imagination when they are playing with it. It's easy to use, just print, cut, and play. Simple.

16. Modern Rag Doll by Modern Doll Studio
Modern Rag Doll is a part of “the Girls with Glasses” series curated by Modern Doll Studio. They are all delicately handcrafted. The 16-inch Modern Rag Doll is a beautiful girl with brown skin, jet black woolly hair, glasses (embroidered), a floral print cotton skirt, and poly-filled body (100% cotton). 

IG: @moderndollstudio

17. Wooden African Animals Toy Set by On Wood Limited
Natural wood—maple or beech—go into making this wooden toy set, not coated wood. The set comprises up to ten different fascinating animals, from kangaroo to hippopotamus. It helps facilitate general animal knowledge among children. 

18. Olabomi by The Royal Heritage Shop
Olabomi is a doll adorned in an original Nigerian Yoruba outfit. It comes with an extra top and pants. Its black hair is in a bun. Olabomi means covered up with wealth and dignity. This doll was designed to showcase rich Black cultural origin to children. 

19. Bedtime Bella by Cafe Mocha Creations
Bella is made from acrylic yarn, cotton yarn, or embroidery yarn. This crochet is the perfect companion for kids to find on to during their bedtime. 


20. Mattel 1998 African American Pink Inspiration Barbie Doll by Throwback Collectibles
This is a vintage toy for kids. It's sealed in a box when it is delivered. It's Barbie but modeled after a princess of color. It's designed to serve as an inspiration to children of color at a time when they are often excluded. 

21. Black Handmade Rag Doll by A Button and A Stitch
This 11 inches sweet, simple little doll is made of cotton fabrics, felt, and polyester fiberfill. It a favorite among children.

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